We aim to create sustainable value for our customers in everything we do – whether it be preparing and managing collections and individually designed exhibitions and events, developing new product concepts for industry or creating unique pieces as you would find in our customised pieces. We aim to forge an alliance between art and commerce while always acting in the best interests of our customers.

PhilosophyAnke Degenhard

Anke Degenhard had already acted as the deputy chief editor for a people magazine for two years during her Theatre Studies course before embarking on four years at Warner Bros, UIP, Senator, Columbia and others, and managing international artists and marketing new films. She then went on to visual communications and editorial offices at various German publishers – such as in developing MAX#§# and MAX CityGuide magazines. Degenhard already began applying her international expertise towards preparing and managing art collections worldwide in 1995, which culminated in founding Galerie Camerawork in 1998 with locations in Berlin and Hamburg where she played a major part in putting together portfolios of famous artists such as Helmut Newton, #§#Peter Lindbergh, Horst P. Horst, Peter Beard, Albert Watson and Leni Riefenstahl. She has since worked in arts management and visual communication development in magazines for various clients. Over the past two decades, Degenhard has cultivated an international network especially among artists and collectors in the arts, and has developed a reputation as one of the world's most #§#capable protagonists in contemporary photographic art. Qualifications in brief: Roles Curator, agent, gallery owner, CEO of Lead Academy. Areas Contemporary art, photography, print. Market experience More than twenty years. Benefits International network, international market knowledge.

PhilosophyMichael Drinkhahn

After studying Communication Sciences, Michael Drinkhahn briefly worked at an international ad agency before founding his own in 1986, which he successfully managed for fifteen years serving customers from consumer goods, sports and leisure as well as capital goods and services. After looking for new avenues of activity, Drinkhahn founded Sport & Fitness International in 2001 with two other partners; the new enterprise #§#was later sold to Golden Gate AG, where he directed marketing and sales until 2007. Qualifications in brief: Roles Senior management and business administration. Fields of activity Advertising agency – consumer goods industry. Market experience More than twenty years. Capabilities Brand development and management, product development, production and integrated management

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